Health is a Matter of the Heart

Welcome Guest Blogger Lydia Proschinger – Life Pro Coach

Lydia Proschinger

Solcosta Wellness programs and services are designed to provide our guests experiences that will appeal to their Mind, Body, & Spirit. Our approach to Health and Wellness is very down-to-earth.

We believe that when the guest goes home that they should take with them tools to help them continue on a path to Wellness. This is why we provide referrals to international practitioners who may be able to provide help to our guests once they are home. Today we have one of those practitioners as a guest blogger on Solcosta Wellness.

Our guest blogger is Lydia Proschinger (aka Serendipity Jane). Lydia is a Life Pro Coach and the author of Living La Vida Healthy. Lydia’s unique approach to Health and Wellness coaching is what gained my interest and I am pleased that she could provide us with a guest post this week.

Lydia’s contact information is supplied at the end of the post for your convenience.

Health is a Matter of the Heart
Guest post by Lydia Proschinger
Life Pro Coach Blog

Health is maintained (or lost) by decisions we take daily, even hourly. It’s about how long we decide to sleep at night, it’s about what to eat, it’s about remembering to drink enough, and such choices can get overwhelming in the over-abundance of sometimes conflicting information that’s available or unavailable, and the influx of stimuli competing for our attention. We sometimes can get so overwhelmed that we forget to breathe. And although our body’s system is designed to not let that happen, we face this pull and tug on our energy levels daily.

Making good healthy choices consistently can get daunting when living a fast-paced life-style that is not in harmony with our own choices because of demands that are made on us daily. We often feel as if the decisions we make are “made for us” by some superior force that doesn’t have our wellbeing at heart.

Take a moment to think about your life style, and what it would take to improve your level of wellness and health? When did you last experience something that frightened you back to reason?

Many choices and decisions we make are emotional by nature. The reason for this is a feeling that we do not have a choice but to act now. The rational brain is hijacked by our emotions and we make impulsive decisions that can have long lasting negative effects on our health. With the guidance of an experienced health coach or holistic practitioner we can deal with and regain ownership over our health, in a balanced way, achieving health through thoughtful choice, not emotional reaction.

In today’s fast-lived world, emotional freedom, and a place of serenity seems like luxury. It doesn’t need to be. There are two types of people: Those who choose to make it a once-in-a-while luxury and those who make it a conscious choice and a regular healthy habit to create that space of serenity. It is up to us to make health our number one priority.

A great way to get into a new healthy habit is by setting life-balance goals and implementing them daily, ensuring that all vital organs receive the supplies of energy they need so that our entire body obtains the vital force that it requires to distribute nutrients and oxygen and make life worth living.

“When emotions are expressed which is to say that the biochemical’s that are the substrate of emotion are flowing freely – all systems are united and made whole. When emotions are repressed, denied, not allowed to be whatever they may be,…our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of vital feel-good unifying chemicals that run both our biology and our behaviors.” Dr. Candace Pert, PhD

The heart is a powerful generator of our personal bio-field. Our health and wellness depend on its functioning and for many of us we give it little attention – when everything is pumping normally, but when we get out of breath easily – our heart beats at a faster than normal rate drawing our attention, when it gets broken – a romantic relationship that ends painfully we feel ‘heartache’, and when it sends warning signals to us when we’re under stress – we can see it as a gift of a second chance – to make healthier choices now. How much we take to heart our health depends on how it is seen by us when we’re in a state of dis-ease.

While stress takes us into a fight or flight state of mind, breathing deeply has the effect that it helps us to refocus and get centered. If we make it a habit to center ourselves every morning before the start of our day, and if we send out images of serenity to be imprinted on the trillions of cells all over our body that communicate among each other that health is part of our daily practice, and onto the field surrounding us, each cell individually carries the information that “I am at ease” – giving the message to the cells that it is safe to perform all the vital functions. Needless to say, this is not just a great way to collect our thoughts and get centered. It is a powerful way of releasing negative stress and tension on a cell level, and on our electromagnetic field.

The heart actually emits electromagnetic waves that, if we breathe into our heart, are in tune with those of the brain and form a perfect sinus curve on an EEG. The sensation we have then is serenity. We are in the “flow” or in the “zone” and the best part about this we don’t even have to take a plane to get there. We’re able to go there instantly but only if we allow ourselves the time to make it a habit to gently breathe into coherence.

It may take some practice but start with this exercise. Envision a relaxing smile imprinted onto every cell of your body, and that smile being sent out into the universe. Then go into your day with a positive attitude, with more power and focus, and once you’ve discovered that this place of serenity is rapidly and effortlessly reached through this technique, you’ll make “ease” happen, naturally and nothing will shake you. You will react less from a place of fear and will be ready to take the day’s challenges with grace.

Feel empowered to make lasting health changes now. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are very effective techniques which, similar to acupuncture, help the body and mind to regulate the energy flow on our body’s meridian system. Let these techniques help you shift from fear to self-motivated changes, generate more energy by releasing negative emotions and unhealthy behavior patterns and allow the body to repair and revitalize.

Matrix Reimprinting is a very powerful extension to EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which allows the person to energetically connect with the ECHO, (Energetic Consciousness Hologram), and that has a very important function.

  • To protect us from the negative energy that previous experiences have caused us.
  • Keep behavior patterns in place that in the past have served us in order to find a strategy to deal with trauma.

In order to resolve previous experiences that have a bearing on your daily life situation, we have to go there and change the images attached to those situations. Healing thus takes place on a very profound level. Even deep-rooted trauma and chronic health issues, can be positively impacted even after only a few sessions. In Matrix tapping sessions many clients tell me “That’s odd, I did so much work on this and thought I had dealt with that. I never thought this issue was still part of my healing process.” and others say “I would have never thought that in such short time, such profound things could change my life around completely. I am so grateful and relieved.”

The feeling many people report when working with me is one of no longer “swimming against the current”.

To work on your new health goals that include your mind, body and spirit as one unity with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, to overcome even severe trauma, such as PTSD and chronic fatigue syndrome, dependencies to cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, feel free to contact me today.

Lydia Proschinger
Skype ID: serendipity_jane


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